The Spy

This week I have chosen Lisa Penna’s words: Item – peas; Word: conspiracy

Thanks Lisa! Enjoy!

The Spy

He’d been in the game for years but this was his toughest assignment to date. Since picking up the package he’d been chased by operatives from all over the globe. Some he’d managed to simply lose, others he’d had to permanently retire. As far as he could tell he still had at least two on his tail for sure with a possibility of there being a third. No matter, he was only a few miles from the drop off, he’d make it.

Usually he wasn’t privy to what was in the packages he had to deliver, they all had to do with some conspiracy or other, but this time was different. He had been informed of the contents and he knew how precious the information was. He knew why they let him in on the secret this time too. If he knew, he’d fight harder for it. And it worked; he had.

He checked his rearview mirror and, sure enough, the big black sedan was still there a few car lengths back. The fact that they were waiting so long to attack made him nervous. The longer they waited, the closer he got to his goal so they must have something big planned. Just as this thought went through his mind bullets stitched across the road and over the hood of his car. He swerved to avoid them but it was difficult as he had no idea where the shooter was. Then he heard the tell tale thumping of a helicopter.

He jammed his car into the next highest gear and shot off down the road, the black sedan and helicopter in pursuit. More bullets tore up the road alongside his car as he wove in and out of traffic. Slowing down for a right turn there was a smash into his rear end as the sedan finally caught up with him, ramming him from behind, making him fishtail down the road. He floored it and shifted up again. Rolling down his window he looked out and up trying to see where the helicopter would come from next. He saw it hovering over the street about a hundred yards away facing him. A man leaned out of it and started shooting at him. Bullets raced up the road towards his car. He shifted up again and sped towards the helicopter pulling his gun from his holster under his jacket. Putting his hand out the window he fired at the pilot side of the helicopter calmly and efficiently. The helicopter began to tilt and wobble. His car shot under it, the sedan close behind. As the helicopter came crashing to the ground it landed on the sedan and exploded in a gigantic ball of fire. Smiling to himself he holstered his gun and rolled up his window. He slowed down to normal driving speed and got back on track toward the drop off location.

A block or so later two large SUVs boxed him in and rammed him from the sides crushing his car between them. Men leaned out the windows and fired machine guns into his car, shattering the windows but fortunately missing him. He tried to speed up to get away but his car was stuck between the vehicles. Pulling his gun he shot the man in the window next to him and climbed out of his car and into the SUV. The two other men were rather startled to see him suddenly sitting in the front seat. He shot the man in the backseat and turned to shoot the driver but the driver grabbed his gun. During the scuffle his gun was dropped to the floor. He grabbed the driver’s head and banged it into the steering wheel a few times until the man was unconscious. Reaching across him he opened the door and pushed the driver out onto the street. Taking command of the SUV he yanked the wheel hard left to free it from the wreckage of his crushed car and sped away, the other vehicle in pursuit, men hanging out the windows firing at him. There was a sudden pain in his shoulder and he knew he’d been shot. Trying to drive at breakneck speed with only one hand wasn’t possible and he flipped the SUV with it landing on its roof. He watched the other SUV stop and saw the men climb out and start toward him. He scrambled to climb out of the overturned vehicle before they got to him. Just as the first man bent over the check the interior of the crashed SUV he was up and running down the nearest alley. It didn’t take the men long to figure out where he had gone.

He ran down the alley as fast as he could, his shoulder throbbing in pain. He patted the secret pocket in his jacket to make sure the package was still there – it was. He rounded a corner and took stock of his surroundings. He ran into the back entrance of a Chinese food restaurant. A few seconds later he heard the men run by and then stop and come back. They split up and he heard two of them ordered to come into his hiding place. He waited against the wall by the door. The first man walked by and he did nothing but as the second man came in he hit him in the throat and grabbed for his machine gun. The man pulled the trigger and bullets went flying around the kitchen, pinging off pots and pans and taking out the man who had walked in first. Twisting his wrist he made the man drop the gun, and they backed away from each other and squared off. As the man rushed him, the spy grabbed a large pot off the counter and smacked him in the head with it. The man went down like a sack of bricks. He stopped and grabbed the man’s gun and ran out the front of the restaurant. Checking his bearings, he headed for the drop off point.

A block later he was there, the hotel where the International Agriculture Conference was being held. He needed to get inside and find the Minister of Agriculture and get him the package. It was everything he needed for his speech on genetically modified vegetables, specifically the Pisum family, and how it could put an end to world hunger. He stumbled up the steps and into the lobby, carefully looking around for the Minister or enemy operatives. He checked the time table and saw that he had just minutes before the Minister was to give his speech. He noted the room and headed for it.

Entering the room he looked around desperately for the Minster and spotted him near the head table. Making his way over to him through the crowded room was not easy but he got there just in time. Introducing himself, he handed the Minister the package and accepted a grateful handshake. Watching the Minister take his place at the head table he felt himself finally relax at a job well done. As he turned to go a movement in the crowd caught his eye. There! That man had a gun! He rushed up onto the stage and jumped in front of the Minister just as the man opened fire. More pain told him he’d be shot again. Conference security took care of the shooter. As they were taking him away on a stretcher he got to hear the opening lines of the Minister’s speech he worked so hard to keep safe:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, all we are saying is give peas a chance.”



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