The Diary

This week I have chosen Dirck de Lint’s words: Item – sponge; Word: cyclopean

Thanks Dirck! Enjoy!


The Diary

The following entries are all that remains of a diary found partially burned in the ruins of an old castle and can be dated to late in the 1700’s. Scholars have many theories as to the meanings of these entries; we leave it to the reader to decide.

Day 10 – I have obtained employment here at the castle under the guise I have previously mentioned. There are not many servants here. Many leave daily, due to the ravings of the master of the house. In fact there is only myself left as of today. This may mean I have more work to do but I shall bear it as long as it puts me closer to my goal.

Day 23 – I have been given more important tasks to complete! This is what I was hoping for! Today I was actually let into the laboratory. It is spectacular. Seeing it has given me renewed hope that the rumors I heard were true. If what I was led to believe is at all possible, surely it could happen here.

Day 31 – I follow him around constantly, soaking up his knowledge like a sponge. He is none the wiser. I fear the long nights are getting to me as I must sit and write everything I have learned into my journal while it is still fresh in my mind every night. I shall try to persevere. I must.

Day 44 – Things are progressing, but slowly. He has come upon a problem that he finds almost too large to solve. I have ideas of my own on the subject but dare not say anything lest I give myself away. He still believes me to be nothing more than a stupid oaf, good only for the most menial tasks. As long as he believes this my position here is secure.

Day 57 – I have been sent more and more into the town of late for supplies. Even with my knowledge of what he is doing the list of items seems strange. You can imagine how the townsfolk are reacting. I don’t know how much longer I will be able to walk the streets safely. I have seen old women giving me the ‘evil eye’ when they think I am not looking, and men are becoming more and more threatening in stance and vocabulary.

Day 63 – I was nearly caught out in my disguise today! He called out for something and in my state of constant sleepiness I forgot myself and corrected him, giving him what he should have asked for. Luckily for me, he took no notice and kept working.

Day 70 – I have been given the task I most dreaded. Due to the nature of the work I knew this was coming but how does one prepare themselves? You cannot. But knowing what the possible outcome may be I shall again persevere. Of course this must be done under the cover of darkness. This odorous task is not for daylight.

Day 82 – I have been out at night now five times in a row doing my ‘collecting’. When will it be enough for him? When? The townsfolk grow angry at the intrusions.

Day 85 – Finally! No more night trips! The cyclopean being lies ready and waiting for the next step in the process. Soon I will have all the knowledge I seek and I will be able to reproduce his work as my own.

Day 92 – Disaster! We tried the final step today and nothing happened. Nothing! Where did he go wrong! Where? He is in a major fit of depression and rage. In his anger he tried to destroy the laboratory. It took all of my cunning to make him see that it was just a setback. I cannot let him quit. Too much is at stake.

Day 98 – With continued subtle prodding from myself I got him back on track. He is now working more feverishly than ever. He hardly sleeps or eats. It has been days since he bathed. I fear I have helped create a madman.

Day 111 – I believe he is close to a solution. It won’t be long now until we can try again. I am tired. Oh so tired. I cannot imagine how he himself must feel.

Day 126 – We are ready to try again! All we need is a good storm. Hopefully one comes soon. I am not sure how much of his sanity is left. Every night before I sleep I check the hiding place of the journal to make sure it is safe, should I lose it all reason for me being here would be wasted.

Day 133 – My god he did it! There was a huge storm this evening and we went ahead with the final step. And it worked! But now I fear for my life for what we, and yes I am going to take full responsibility for helping to bring it into this world, have created is roaming the castle. I do not know what it looks for but I fear it is me. I know not where the master is. Once it awoke it flung him aside like a mere doll! I ran and did not see him or it again. I do not know what to do. I do not know what to do! OH GOD! It’s at the door.

There were no more entries in the diary after Day 133 although there were still some blank pages.

No trace of any journal was found.



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