The Call


911: What is the address of your emergency?

Female Caller: Oh my god you’ve got to help me, they’re trying to get into the house.

911: Ma’am I need you to try and calm down and tell me where you are.

Female Caller: I’m in my house, hiding in my room right now. I can hear them trying to get in downstairs! The doors are rattling!

911: Ma’am what is your address?

Female Caller: Oh no! Did you hear that? I think they got in! Oh god!

911: Ma’am I really need your address so I can send help.

Female Caller: Uhm. OK. I’m at (address withheld pending further investigation).

911: OK Ma’am I’m sending someone right now, they’ll be there shortly. What is your name?

Female Caller: Cindy. Cindy (last name withheld pending further investigation).

911: OK Cindy. Can you tell me who is trying to get into the house?

Female Caller: Oh god. I don’t know. Them! They are!

911: How many of them are there Cindy?

Female Caller: I don’t know. I don’t know.

911: Can you tell me what they look like?

Female Caller: No. No, not really. Uhm. God I’m so scared. I was watching TV when there was weird noise in the backyard and then it lit up so bright I couldn’t see the TV. I saw their shadows on the windows. The shadows didn’t look right though. Their heads are big. I think they have helmets on.

911: How many shadows did you see Cindy?

Female Caller: I dunno – five or six maybe. I don’t know! Oh my god they got in! I can hear them moving things downstairs!

911: Try to stay calm Cindy. You said you are in your room right?

Female Caller: Yes.

911: Is there somewhere you can hide? A closet maybe?

Female Caller: No, it’s an old house. I have a wardrobe in here but it’s too small.

911: Does your bathroom door lock?

Female Caller: Yes! Yes! I’ll hide in there!

911: Make sure you lock the door once you are inside.

Female Caller: OK I made it. I can hear them moving around downstairs. Oh god! Oh god! I can hear them coming up the stairs!

911: Its OK Cindy, I’m going to stay right here with you. The door is locked, they can’t get in.

Female Caller: (screaming) The doorknob is moving!

911: Help is on the way Cindy, hold on!

Female Caller: (loud banging noises) They are trying to smash the door! Oh my god! Oh my god!

911: Hold on help will be there soon!

Female Caller: (smashing noises and screams) They got in! Leave me alone! Get away from me! (sounds of a scuffle and more screams) I got you! I got you, you mother!

911: Cindy? Cindy are you OK?

Female Caller: I hit one in the head with the towel bar and they backed off. They’re weird looking! God I’m so scared. Hey, I can hear sirens now.

911: OK that’s good!

Female Caller: Oh my god they came back! He’s got something this time! He’s pointing it at me! Oh my –  (loud popping noise)

911: Cindy? Cindy? Cindy are you there? Are you OK?

(Here follows one minute and thirty-seven seconds of silence.)

Female Caller: (male voice) Hello 911?

911: This is 911, who is this?

Female Caller: (male voice) This is Officer Murphy.

911: Is there any sign of the caller, a Cindy (last name withheld pending further investigation).

Female Caller: (Officer Murphy) Negative. There’s nothing here but a pile of women’s clothes.


Note: Every week we choose from four topics to write about. This week one of the topics was “women’s clothes” and I chose that.

Your comments and creative criticism are more than welcome.


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