Six Word Stories

This post deserves an explanation.

I found a website a while ago called Six Word Stories ( where you can submit / read stories that are – obviously – only six words long. I shared the site in class last week and someone decided it would be interesting to make it one of the topics for writing. I decided to choose it.

As always, your comments and creative criticism are more than welcome.

Six Word Stories

“Please don’t shoot me!” BANG! “Sucker!”

A child. A balloon. POP! Crying.

Two in love. No words needed.

Fishermen leave. Huge storm. New widows.

There’s hair everywhere. Cat lovers understand.

One bullet left. Time to decide.

“It’s just one drink.” Last words.

“I wonder what this button does.”

It’s quiet. Where are the kids?

One drunk driver changed her life forever.

“Launch codes confirmed.” God help us.

One look and he knew: “Dead.”

Try heroin once, what could happen?

“Baby’s not moving!” Crying, they hug.

Three passengers. One accident. Two caskets.

A cat A dog. Guilty faces.

Naked lovers embrace. Arrested. Indecent exposure.

A life well lived. No regrets.

Number on napkin! Wiped mouth. Crap!

Lipstick on collar. Not wife’s color.

Sleeping dragon. Dropped chalice. Oops!

Missing children. Police baffled. Nondescript van.

Been there. Done that. Getting older?

At school. No pants. No dream!



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