Six Word Stories Part II


Looking back, it wasn’t so bad.

High wind. Short skirt. Unexpected glimpse.

Early morning. Odd noises. Cat hockey.

A knife. An axe. Decisions, decisions.

Her robe fell to the floor.

Screwed up courage; now together forever.

Catching the alien was not easy.

“You’ve been poisoned,” read the note.

“Blindfold sir?” “No thanks,” he replied.

Twenty nine dead. No more bullies.

Your money is safe with us.

Writing? How hard can it be?

Earth looked so small; then disappeared.

Too many men on the field!

He smiled. The voices were right.

So many words. So little time.

Go on. It’s not loaded. Honest.

Funny. The bear looked farther away.

Fire’s fast. Arson is an art.

Join in. What could go wrong?

Too much snow, not enough shovels.

First strangers, then stories, now friends.


Note: Every week we choose from four topics to write about. This week one of the topics was “anything” as in “anything at all” and I chose that.

Your comments and creative criticism are more than welcome.


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