More Six Word Stories



Darkness. From under the bed, growling.


“Move, Rosa.” “No.” A world changed.


Fortune cookie: Was that really beef?


New discovery! Religious chaos! Hope gone.


Arts funding cut. Harpists harp Harper.


“Boy or Girl?” Pause. “I’m overweight!”


Is this chocolate? Licks. Ewwww. No!


Cat sleeping. Dog curious. Dog bleeding.


Dog sleeping. Cat curious. Play time!


Old piano. Old man. Beautiful music.


She only smiled. He was caught.


Messy floor. Spotless table. Happy kitty.


“Why me?” “Why not?” Lovers since.


Purchased cat bed. Cat uses box.


Blushing bride. Nervous groom. Drunk priest.


Photographer overexposed. Two year jail term.


Word lover’s delight – Oxford Comma fight!


At her funeral. Many things unsaid.


Son has child. Drums bought. Revenge!


In the same room, miles apart.


500 Facebook friends. Empty funeral parlor.


“New hair cut?” “Chemo.” “Sorry.” “Remission!”




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