Even More Six Word Stories



Discount beef! A different price paid.


One bullet. Cylinder spins. Your turn.


Three cats. One dog. Never boring.


Nine grandkids? When did that happen?


Checked five times. Fridge still empty.


She waved! Oh. Not at me.


“Oops,” said the hotshot brain surgeon.


Best friends. Bad joke. Now enemies.


Orders. Dead civilians. A soldier’s remorse.


Rich uncle. Dead uncle. Rich nephew.


He took her breath away. Murderer.


Sleep in? Not with three cats!


New hair cut! Bought new hat.


Love at first sight. Stalking charges.


Intelligent, beautiful, funny, oh – Conservative. Bye.


In a crowded room, yet alone.


Ventriloquist attends a funeral. Should he…?


Missed my bus. Caught her eye.


Home early. Stranger’s car in driveway.


Buried my wife. She wasn’t pleased.


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