Promises, Promises…


As I walked out of the last class of the fall session of Creative Writing last week I said to myself “This coming week will be different – no last minute writing on Thursday morning before we meet at Sweet Bakery. I’m going to buckle down, apply myself, and write something every day! I promise!”

Friday morning came and I was raring to go. But wait, I really needed to get that blood work done for the Doctor. Well, there went half the morning. No matter, I still had a good portion of the day left. When I got home the siren call of the Internet was too strong to ignore and there went the rest of the morning. I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t time wasted but “research”. I wasn’t fooling anybody. It was my wife’s day off work so the afternoon was a bust as well. Time spent with my wife, I told myself, was ultimately more important than writing a story. About this I’m right.

Saturday looked promising. My wife had a lunch to go to so I had the house all to myself. I went shopping. I did however treat myself to an extremely nice new fountain pen. Hey, a writer needs a good pen. Never mind that I do 90% of my writing on my laptop, that’s not the point. When I got home from shopping I was sucked into the abyss that is Facebook. When I finally pulled myself away, hours had passed. My wife came home; we ate supper and then caught up on our TV watching. Another day bites the dust.

Sunday. Ah Sunday. My daughter needed driving to work by eleven in the morning so there was no point in starting to write to just have to stop as I got in the groove – was there? The afternoon was spent catching up on the week with my wife and I got pulled into the black hole of Facebook and the Internet. I also had a friend who said he would pop by sometime to drop some things off. Once again there was no point in getting started just to be interrupted while in the zone, right? Then supper time came and after that I had to go pick up my daughter from work. Good bye Sunday.

OK Monday, let’s do this! I was all set to sit down and write Monday morning but I had forgotten that the repairman was coming to fix the dryer at some point. As I waited I got lost once again in the no man’s land of Facebook and the Internet. There went the morning. Unfortunately I had discovered through my cousin in Scotland via Facebook about a Scottish sitcom I had never heard of before. Tracking it down on the Internet proved to be all too easy and my afternoon was spent laughing at the antics of Scottish pensioners. I didn’t worry though, there was always tomorrow.

Tuesday was a bust as well. The morning was spent trying to make the incredible pain in my right knee go away and I had forgotten all about my appointment in the afternoon. Once again, no writing was accomplished. I looked eagerly forward to Wednesday.

Wednesday turned out to be no better than the other days. I had an appointment to see the Doctor about my knee first thing in the morning, right before nine o’clock. I thought for sure I’d be home in enough time to be able to write something. After waiting to see the Doctor, being sent for X-rays and being bent into multiple painful positions, and then waiting to pick up my prescription I didn’t get home until almost eleven. To top it off when I got home I was in too much pain from the whole ordeal to even think about doing anything but just sitting still. At some point in the afternoon I did manage to work on the grocery list like I was supposed to and water the plant. So long to Wednesday.

So here it is Thursday morning. And you guessed it, here I sit writing this. The only saving grace about this is that it’s only just after ten in the morning. So you see I’m not actually too rushed today. But this coming week will be different. I’m going to write a bit every day. I promise!



One thought on “Promises, Promises…

  1. Not about the story, but I can’t avoid saying something about the pen; doing first drafts in longhand denies the urge to be constantly fiddling with edits as you go. It also doesn’t yell at you about spelling errors.

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