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I was asked to join a blog ring where a picture is sent out once a week, usually on Thursday, and you write a story about said picture and post it on the following Wednesday. You are to include links to everyone else’s story too – you can find them at the bottom of this post.

03 July 1 2015 Prompt


“There’s no outwards signs of why he might have died, we’ll just have to wait until we do a complete autopsy. Go ahead and bag him,” the Coroner said as he straightened up from examining the body. “You’re sure he wasn’t moved?” he asked the cop who was standing in the corner.

“Yes sir. The wife said she found him just like that, slumped over his workbench with those toy parts scattered everywhere.”

“Well, I’ll get to the bottom of it back at the morgue.”

Two hours earlier…

The man finished his breakfast and sat down in his favorite chair in the living room with a deep sigh.

“I’m really looking forward to my time off this week!” he yelled to his wife. “I’ve been under a lot of stress at work.”

“kah Noo-Loo! dah-ay-loh-oo-tye! Me Noo-Loo! Good morning!” said the toy that was sitting on the end table next to him. “kah ay-tay!  ah-tah kah! Me hungry! Feed me!

“Can’t you turn this damn thing off? It’s been driving me crazy!”

“I don’t know how and Natalie’s gone to school. You figure it out if it’s bugging you so much!” his wife hollered back from the kitchen.

“It’s bad enough that I had to listen to her playing with it all weekend! How does she even know what its saying? I can’t understand it!”

“I don’t know! It learns by being interactive with her. I think it’s cute.”

The man sat and stared at the fuzzy little creature with the big eyes. It blinked at him.

“oo-nye ah-tah kah doo-moh! You feed me please!

“Holy crap! Hey hon! Can this damn thing see me?”

“Yeah I think it has sensors or something.”

“Jeez that’s creepy. Why the hell would the she want a toy like this? What’s wrong with something like a normal pet like a friggin’ hamster?” he mumbled.

He reached out and picked it up. It vibrated and wriggled its ears and said “oo-nye nee-tye kah! You tickle me!” and started to laugh.

“Cripes! Doesn’t it ever shut up?”

He turned it over to look for an off switch. The toy stopped shaking and said “dah-boh-bay! dah-boh-bay! Scared! Scared!” in a tiny voice.

Unable to find an off switch he decided to just set it down. “Maybe if I leave it alone it’ll shut off,” he thought. He leaned back in his easy chair and turned on his stereo. “Some jazz will help me relax. Ahhh, Diana Krall, just what the doctor ordered.” The smooth sounds of Diana singing ‘The Look of Love’ filled the living room.

“kah toh-loo ay-ay-lee-koo ee-kah-lee-koo! kah noh-lah! Me like listen music! Me dance!” squealed the fuzzy toy as it violently wobbled back and forth on the coffee table.

“What the hell? It’s pitching a fit!” he bellowed.

“Maybe it doesn’t like your taste in music!” teased his wife.

“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s just a machine. How can it like something?”

“Natalie says it has a personality.”

“Yeah, right,’ he grumbled, eyeing the toy suspiciously.

He turned the music off and the toy became quiet once again. He picked up his newspaper and sat back folding it open.

“oo-nye loo-lay doo-ay-loo-lah nee-way? You play game now?” inquired the toy.

“Oh my god won’t it shut the hell up?”

He glared at the neon furred monstrosity that was ruining his morning.

“oo-nye kah noo-lah!  You me friend!” it burbled merrily. “oo-nye may-lah kah nee-way?  You hug me now?

“Oh that is IT! I can’t even read the damn paper! I’ve had enough of this thing mocking me! I’m turning this damn thing off once and for all!”

He grabbed the toy and headed to his workbench in the basement.

An hour later the toy sat on the workbench with parts of it strewn everywhere.

“Arrrrrgh! Why can’t I figure out how to shut you the hell off?” shrieked the man.

The toy blinked and rolled its eyes. “dee-doh doo-ay noo-lah! Dude fun friend!” it chirped happily. “kah may-may oo-nye! Me love you!” It wobbled back on forth on its odd little feet.

The man jumped up from his stool in a blind rage.

“I don’t care if it you are her favorite toy, she’ll move on to something else in a week anyway!”

With the thought of ending his misery he reached for the hammer on the wall but a blood vessel in his brain popped and he slumped onto the workbench, dead.

“uh-oh dee-doh way-loh! Uh oh dude sleep!” said the toy. “Kah ay-tay! Me hungry!

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