The Accident


August 26


There were two loud pops followed by the sounds of a crash.

As I rushed into the street from the diner I was in I could see that a car had jumped the curb and smashed into the front of the building across the street. The airbag had gone off and the driver was conscious and moving.

I made my way to the wreck and saw a stuffed bear lying in the road. I bent and picked it up but it was snatched from my hands by the driver of the smashed car. He clutched it to his chest and looking around him anxiously he tried to stumble off into the gathering crowd. I noticed he had been shot in the shoulder so I reached out to steady him.

“Get away from me!” he yelled, shoving me back. “I can’t trust anyone!”

“Listen mate you’ve been shot! You need to see a Doctor!”

“No time! No time!” He was glancing at the people around us nervously. “I must finish the mission!”

“Calm down man, everything’s going to be OK” I told him.

Just then there was another loud pop, he staggered forward and blood spurted out of a hole in the center of his chest. As he fell to his knees the people in the crowd went crazy looking for somewhere else to be. I crouched down on the road beside him. He shoved the bear into my hands.

“Don’t let them have it!” he choked out. His eyes rolled back in his head.

I looked down at the bear. Turning it over I unzipped the compartment in its back and took out the USB drive. I dropped the bear on ground and started walking towards my car two blocks away.

“Mission accomplished,” I said, touching the communication device in my right ear.


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