The Bridge


Sept 2


He stood at the end of the bridge and thought about crossing it.

It wasn’t long as bridges go. No more than thirty feet. It was just wide enough that he could hold onto the railings on both sides at the same time if he felt the need to.

From what he could see and hear it seemed to be so beautiful on the other side. A lush green forest filled with the sounds of life.

All he had to do was cross this one little bridge.

But that was the question – did he want to cross? For once you crossed that bridge there was no going back. Not ever.

He thought of his family. His wife and his young son. He loved them so much and he would miss them terribly. He was sure they would miss him as well.

He thought of the pain he was constantly feeling and the bills being built up month after month as he fought his unwinnable battle.

He sighed and took a step forward.


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