Yet More Six Word Stories



What are you, deaf? Oh. Sorry.


He loved her totally. Every bite.


Scientist is beside himself! Cloning works!


Leash and collar on peg. Memories.


Parachute sale: never opened, slightly stained.


Vampires seen in new light. Once.


Online too much, teen misses life.


Home early, surprise! Locks changed, surprised.


Home alone. Footsteps in the hall.


One bullet. Cylinder spins. “You first.”


Public show of affection. “Indecent exposure?”


Lost love finally found, in obits.


“I’ll be right back.” Years ago.


True love never dies. He did.


Magician’s hat sale – no bunny home.


Wheelchair isn’t confining – freedom from bed!


White void. Snow storm? Writer’s block.


Buddhist has gas. No inner peace.


Noises at 3AM. Cat floor hockey.


Ten inch pianist. Genie was deaf.


She played games. He got bored.


Cut the blue wire? I’m colorblind!


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