‘A New Friend’ & ‘The Box’

This week there are two short stories!

I need a new friend

This story was inspired by the poster above.

A New Friend

I need a new friend.

The last one escaped.

I’d spent so much time and effort on getting things just right this time too.

I thought I’d learned all I needed to from the last one but I guess I was wrong.

I made the cage stronger, bigger and I put it in the basement so the neighbors couldn’t hear anything. They asked about the noise all the time with the one before. It was so annoying.

I was so careful choosing the last one as well. It took me weeks of searching to find the right one. Not too big and not too strong otherwise I couldn’t handle him. Not too small either or what fun would that be come play time?

I made sure that he was always away from the door when I brought the food and water.

There was even a special spot in the cage for going to the bathroom. Closed off this time. He didn’t appreciate it.

I bought or made all the restraints I could ever need. I thought they’d be enough once they were on him and I let him out.

But he still escaped. There was nothing else I could have done.

And now I have to find a new friend.

Perhaps a female this time? Maybe they’re more docile? I don’t know.

I’ll have to ask at the pet store when I’m looking for my new dog.


The Box

Oh hey hi, it’s me. I just called for some advice. You’re obviously not picking up so I’ll just leave a message. Call me when you get this though, I could really use your help.

I don’t know what to do with this damn box I found. Wait, let me start at the beginning.

I came home from work today and found it sitting on my steps in front of my door. It’s one of those two cubic foot cardboard moving boxes you can buy from any shipping company. It isn’t very heavy, only about four or five pounds. Covered in various stains, dents and scuff marks you can tell that it’s been well used. One thing it doesn’t have on it is a name. Mine or anyone else’s.

Now normally I’d just open it and see what’s inside but there are some extenuating circumstances to be considered. You know I don’t live in the best neighborhood. In fact the house next door belongs to a gang that deals drugs in the area.

So you can see where my mind is leaping to all sorts of conclusions here. What if some stupid drugged out kid got the houses mixed up and made a drop at the wrong place? If I open it, see that it’s full of drugs, well, then I’m a dead man. And it’s not like I can just go next door and ring the bell all neighborly and say “Oh hey, some moron dropped your drugs off at the wrong house.” Dead man again.

Then again what kind of idiot just leaves two cubic feet of drugs on a door step and walks away?

On the other hand, you know how my sister is always trying to do nice things for me so maybe she dropped it off. Maybe there’s a cake inside or a nice pre-made supper for me that’s slowly going bad as I sit here wondering if I should open the damn thing. I could call her I guess but how stupid would look? “Uhm, hi, I found a box on my steps. Did you leave it there? No, no I didn’t look inside I thought I’d phone everyone I know and ask them first.” Crap. Oh hey, you didn’t leave it here, did you?

So I guess my choices are to 1 – look and its drugs and I die, 2 – call everyone I know and look an idiot and I still might not find out what’s in the damn thing, 3 – just put it back and maybe someone will steal it and it’s not my problem anymore or 4 – open it.

I feel like Brad Pitt’s character in that movie ‘Seven’ at the end where he’s yelling “What’s in the box? What’s in the box?”

So I guess I’ll just…


I gotta go, someone’s at the door. Call me back.


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