Thanks for dropping by.

If you don’t know me and just stumbled across this, welcome!

I am in my early 50’s, was born and raised in Regina, SK, Canada, am an avid gamer with a collection of over 650 card and board games, have a love of all things zombie, and am a die-hard Browncoat (if you know what that is, Shiny; if you don’t, watch a TV show called Firefly, it’s worth it).

I have four kids, eleven grand kids, and have been in my current relationship for 17 plus years with a wonderful woman who puts up with all my weirdness in its many shapes and forms.

I decided to try my hand at writing as it was something I always loved to do when I was younger and I missed it. So, with the encouragement of my ever-loving spouse (“Go! It will get you out of the house! GO!”), I took my first Creative Writing Class at the Life Long Learning Center at the University of Regina in May of 2014.

‘Observing Strangers – And Other Short Stories’ is my first published work. You can find it on Amazon in ebook and paperback form.

This blog is where I post some of my writing.

Thanks for having a look!

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.




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