The Easy Way Out

  She stopped running for a moment and leaned against a tree gasping for breath. She’d been running for most of the night. She knew that once they saw you they never quit coming, never gave up. It was about an hour until dawn and unless she found somewhere to hide soon she knew she […]

Observing Strangers

  I’ve been coming here to people watch for three weeks now. I like it here. No one can see me in my wheelchair. That way I can’t see the pity on their faces, a pity that only increases when they see my army fatigues and realize how it must have happened. “Thank you for […]


I don’t usually write stories about myself but when the topic ‘priorities’ was one of the ones chosen for this week’s class this story came rushing up from the depths of my memory. Names have not been used to protect the innocent. I’ve let you you know, dear reader, that it’s about me because as […]

“Ode to my Cold and my Wife”

  Hello virus, you old fiend, You’ve come to infect me once again, Because a grandchild who came visiting, Left her snot while she was sleeping, And the virus that was planted in my brain Now remains And now I suffer, in silence. A restless night I spent alone Trying not to cough up a […]

‘A New Friend’ & ‘The Box’

This week there are two short stories! This story was inspired by the poster above. A New Friend I need a new friend. The last one escaped. I’d spent so much time and effort on getting things just right this time too. I thought I’d learned all I needed to from the last one but […]

Yet More Six Word Stories

    What are you, deaf? Oh. Sorry.   He loved her totally. Every bite.   Scientist is beside himself! Cloning works!   Leash and collar on peg. Memories.   Parachute sale: never opened, slightly stained.   Vampires seen in new light. Once.   Online too much, teen misses life.   Home early, surprise! Locks […]