The Knight

Disclaimer: I was cleaning up some really old boxes of stuff and I came across this story that I wrote sometime during 1984 and thought it would be fun to share it. Whilst transcribing it from the stained, wrinkled and – sigh – dot matrix printed paper it was on I did do a tad […]

PUSH – Fan fiction

Look, I know this is going to sound crazy and it’s going to be really, really hard to believe, but there are people, super-humans I guess you could call them, that have special abilities. Abilities that ‘normal’ humans don’t have. Let me start at the beginning. At the end of the Second World War, when […]


He needed to find somewhere safe to hide while it happened, and soon. How the hell could he have lost track of the days like this? As he rushed along the busy sidewalk he looked up at the night sky, frantically searching for a glimpse of the moon. Damn it, the time was drawing closer, […]

It’s A Beautiful Glass

1,277. That sounds like a really big number, doesn’t it? 1,277. It seems like it would be a great number of things that would take up a quite a bit of space if you had to put that many of something somewhere. 1,277. But it’s not a big number. Not really. It’s how many Saturdays […]

Meet Me In The Middle

Robin knew he had a winning idea on his hands the minute it came to him in the shower that morning. Now, standing at the head of the huge conference table ready to present it to the network heads, he was just as confident. “Gentlemen, and lady,” he began, “I believe, no, I know, that […]

The Easy Way Out

  She stopped running for a moment and leaned against a tree gasping for breath. She’d been running for most of the night. She knew that once they saw you they never quit coming, never gave up. It was about an hour until dawn and unless she found somewhere to hide soon she knew she […]

Observing Strangers

  I’ve been coming here to people watch for three weeks now. I like it here. No one can see me in my wheelchair. That way I can’t see the pity on their faces, a pity that only increases when they see my army fatigues and realize how it must have happened. “Thank you for […]